The OTHER Climate Crisis

If the storms and the rising seas don’t get you, the Heat will. Global risk of deadly heat recently published in Nature states: “We identified a global threshold beyond which daily mean surface air temperature and relative humidity become deadly. Around 30% of the world’s population is currently exposed to climatic conditions exceeding this deadly threshold for at least 20 days a year. By 2100, this percentage is projected to increase to 48% under a scenario with drastic reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and 74% under a scenario of growing emissions. An increasing threat to human life from excess heat now seems almost inevitable, but will be greatly aggravated if greenhouse gases are not considerably reduced.”

This follows on a 2011 paper An adaptability limit to climate change due to heat stress which stated: “Despite the uncertainty in future climate-change impacts, it is often assumed that humans would be able to adapt to any possible warming. Here we argue that heat stress imposes a robust upper limit to such adaptation. … One implication is that recent estimates of the costs of unmitigated climate change are too low unless the range of possible warming can somehow be narrowed.”

The following figure is from the Warning To Humanity (2nd Notice) published in Dec. 2017.  Trends since the first warning in 1992 are darker lines.  The good news is Ozone.  Everything else is bad news.

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