Boycott the World Cup!

In protest of Russia’s murdering civilians in Britain, a number of countries are going to “boycott” by not sending… their government officials.  Wow.  The country that seized Crimea, shot down a civilian passenger plane, continues to attack the Ukraine, dopes in the Olympics, and has killed over a dozen people in England alone (with some suspicious U.S. deaths still waiting on Mueller), is really going to be hurt by not having Western politicians attend? Keep in mind FIFA is corrupt itself, and raise your hand if you don’t believe Qatar and Russia bribed their way into hosting these World Cups.

Let’s get serious.  If the U.S. wants to really affect Russia, offer to host the games here.  Australia is already showing guts by threatening to not send their actual TEAM.  Note that the U.S. team was too weak to qualify.  And note also that the host team gets a free berth.  That’s one potential benefit.  But to be fair, extend the berth that would go to the home country to the country which was highest rated among the non-qualifiers.  And if this leads to breaking up FIFA, so much the better.  John Oliver would agree

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