NAFTA: Corrupt from the Start

Recently, President Trump has been critical of NAFTA as a bad deal.  Well, duh.  What shocked me in researching its origin was how the administration of George H.W. Bush violated the spirit of the law (if not the letter) in rushing it through to adoption – giving the Labor Advisory Committee one (1) day to review the full treaty, and then ignoring its objections.  In hindsight, those objections proved to be spot on, creating more inequality and harming the environment to boot.  If you wish to read the full 1992 report of the Labor Advisory Committee, you can find it here.

This rush to adopt bills and treaties without bipartisan oversight and review continues today.  But I had no idea this level of power grabbing existed in 1992.  Silly me.

What is unusual is that a Republican President, in the pocket of Big Money, is trying to undo what his predecessor – with the same backing – did 26 years ago.

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  1. I lost a good paying job because of NAFTA. Although in this case it was probably a blessing because it would have driven me insane.

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