What the hell is Mueller waiting for?

What the hell is Mueller waiting for? He could go on investigating for years, and with good reason. However, it would turn into a good book rather than an indictment. The longer this goes on the more reasonable Trump’s charge of a witch hunt sounds. It seems to me that it is necessary to build a case around the single most damning issue and put Trump in the position of admitting to a felony — there are many — or committing one: lying under oath. The only reasonable tactical consideration is whether or not to shuffle until after the mid-term elections. It is true that this Congress would probably not vote to impeach even if Trump shot Hillary on the White House lawn.

It’s also reasonable to assume that Trump doesn’t mind the Stormy Daniel brouhaha. It distracts from trade wars, Syria, North Korea or whatever the serious issue of national importance of the moment may be. It’s also not surprising that the “moral majority” is not upset with it’s heroes’ trespasses. How many TV mega-preachers have been found in bed with a teenager or pocketing the proceeds of the donation box and lived to tell the tale? You might want to create a graph or a diagram that charts the stated aims of the “moral majority” versus the activities of its leaders.

It’s interesting that a few days ago a federal judge turned down a request by Stormy Daniel’s lawyer to depose Trump under oath. He did so not on the grounds of some presidential right but rather that is was premature, leaving the way for it to be raised again. In the end it may come down to — as it did with Clinton — not what you did but that he lied under oath.

The FBI probably didn’t initiate the raid on Trump’s lawyer but I’m sure that given the way he’s treated them that the raid was carried out with gusto. No President has pissed off both the FBI and the Justice Department and lived to tell about it. The only one of record was forced to resign.

In sum, Trump has proved that he can not only survive scandal, but thrives on it. The key remains getting Trump in a position where he is under oath and must either admit to a felony or commit one, lying under oath.

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