How Dangerous Is Mexico?

Travel to Mexico is about as safe as Nigeria, Russia, and Pakistan – based upon the new State Department travel advisory for Mexico issued today.   I know people who sail to Mexico, own property in Baja California, and/or travel there every year – and they say it is not any worse than any American Inner City.  Based on the State Department, of the 31 States in Mexico, plus the capitol city, NONE are low risk (which is “Exercise normal precautions”).  Over one-eighth of the country is “Do Not Travel”.  Additionally, over half the land area and about 40% of the population are in states where you should “Reconsider Travel”.  The rest of the country is “Exercise Increased Caution”.   Canada is fine. 

Travel Status by % Land Area
Travel Status by % Population











For the complete list of State Department Travel Advisories, follow the link.

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