A $16B dose of corruption

While we may have been upset by expensive office furniture or sound-proof office phone booths purchased by Trump appointees, or even Carl Ichan’s unjustified deal to get regulations waived (likely a payback for election help), those are Very Small Change compared to the latest stench of corruption.   A passing note in a story about the VA seems to have been overlooked.  The article complaining that Trump’s Mar-a-Lago buddies are meddling in the VA’s procurement of a new $16 BILLION computer system mentioned in passing that: “…an inspector-general’s report had been opened into the Cerner sole-source purchase.”  Except for bribery and greed, there is No Way it makes sense to buy that system all at once with a huge price tag and WITHOUT competitive bidding.  Proper development methodology for such a large, 10 year project would do a requirements analysis, then a specification for the new system, before putting out to competitive bid the development and installation of the key features.  I hope we have not heard the last of this professional misconduct.  Unfortunately the New Normal seems to be as stated: “We just had to make the Mar-a-Lago guys comfortable with the deal,” said a current VA official. “They have someone’s ear. Power and influence are power and influence.”

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