Trump is Not The First

Our President is not the first to desire a wall to prevent immigration.  Here’s a quote:

“I would build a wall of steel, a wall as high as Heaven, against the admission of a single one of those Southern Europeans who never thought the thoughts or spoke the language of a democracy in their lives.  I would go further. I would place not only every one of those who shall come here in the future, but every one of those of recent  years about whom there is any doubt as to their loyalty, on probation. I would let them, for a term of one year— or three years or five years — go to school in the academy of democracy, and in the meantime I would let them report monthly or quarterly to some postmaster or federal officer of this land; and I would let those officers, place upon the immigrant the yard stick of one hundred per cent Americanism, and if at the end of that reasonable time he did not speak our language, and did not qualify as a one hundred per cent American, then I would, if necessary, send him back across the ocean.”

– Governor Clifford Walker of Georgia at the Proceedings of the Second Imperial Klonvocation of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, held in Kansas City, MO in September, 1924.

Of course, this same man also said, in some detail, how we need to invest in the national infrastructure, concluding: “Give us better schools, better colleges, better highways, and better health; and then better homes and better churches will follow, and we will have the reign of peace and happiness in America.”

The source (photocopy) is here:

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