Israeli Security Hired To Spy on Trump Opponents

It appears Trump’s administration hired Israeli intelligence firm, Black Cube, to spy on American citizen opponents of Trump policies, per two highly respected reporting sources.  This is Police State Stuff, right up there with Cambridge Analytica manipulating elections.  And by the way, Mercer’s Cambridge Analytica (and other supporting/participating companies) have NOT gone away, they just changed the name not even the address (follow each link to sources).  Follow the links below for the full stories about Black Cube, but here are nuggets:

Jack Straw, who as foreign secretary was involved in earlier [U.K.] efforts to restrict Iranian weapons, said: “These are extraordinary and appalling allegations but which also illustrate a high level of desperation by Trump and [the Israeli prime minister] Benjamin Netanyahu, not so much to discredit the deal but to undermine those around it.”

Sources said that officials linked to Trump’s team contacted [Israeli] investigators days after Trump visited Tel Aviv a year ago… A source with details of the “dirty tricks campaign” said: “The idea was that people acting for Trump would discredit those [Obama staff] who were pivotal in selling the deal, making it easier to pull out of it.”

Link to Guardian story on Black Cube

Link to NYTimes story on Black Cube

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