The Avenatti Dossier, and why it matters

Here is a copy of what a former Watergate prosecutor says is the “dossier” that Michael Avenatti – the attorney for Porn Star Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels) – presented the NYC court claiming evidence of bank fraud transactions related to Michael Cohen.  It’s mangled in appearance, and separately has been criticized as having errors on the last bank (Standard Charter) where the accounts are for a DIFFERENT M. Cohen.  That makes Avenatti’s claims only about 99.3% accurate.  This must be confirmed in a court of law.  If it is, then it’s a piece of evidence of the “pay to play” corruption which President Trump criticized during the campaign.  This time via his own personal attorney.  Several of the companies listed have admitted making the payments, though with excuses regarding the purposes and decisions (“it was the CEO before me”). Several of the companies also admitted that the Special Prosecutor contacted them about these payments in Oct/Nov, 2017 – meaning that it’s old news for Mueller, albeit new to us.  In addition to Mueller, and the U.S. attorney in NY, the Treasury Dept. announced it is now investigating these payments, and the disclosure of bank records, for possible crimes.

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