Italy’s had enough with illegal migrants …. so has France …

… but the French are careful not to say it out loud. 

President Emmanuel Macron of France accused Italy of “cynicism” and “irresponsibility” for refusing to receive the boat.
Coming from the French, the remarks amounted to a white-glove slap in the face. The Italians were having none of it.
The office of the Italian prime minister pushed back against “hypocritical lessons” from France, which has taken in a mere fraction of the tens of thousands of Africans arriving in Italy — some 120,000 arrived by sea in 2017 — and did not offer to take any of the latest.
France regularly forces migrants back across the Italian border, deports dozens of others and gives only grudging aid to the relative handful who make it through the first filter. This time, again, the French stood by, refusing to take in the Aquarius.

Oh, and Spain?  They took them, also quietly.


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