ICE Agrees With Liberals?!?!

It’s understandable that Liberals are calling for abolishing ICE, but when 19 ICE AGENTS write their Boss’ Boss: Kirstjen Nielsen (of Mexican food fame) and recommend the SAME THING, maybe we have a real problem.  It is tempting to see ICE as an early version of a U.S. Gestapo.  They dress like it.  They bend civil liberties like it.  However, somone needs to enforce the law, and borders and passports are the law – until the people vote otherwise.

Here’s an article on the Abolish ICE controversy and the politics behind it: Why Kirsten Gillibrand and other Democrats’ calls to abolish ICE are politically risky

And here, amazingly, is the Texas Observer article and letter where the 19 ICE regional supervisors ask for ICE to be reorganized so they can do a better job…

A majority of ICE’s top criminal investigation agents are asking Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to spin their division off from the agency.

In a letter sent last week, 19 special agents in charge at ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations unit said that ICE’s controversial detention and deportation policies have made it hard for them to conduct investigations into threats to national security, organized crime, narcotics smuggling and human trafficking.

Instead of “contributing to the welfare and safety of the country,” … the agents worry that HSI is “just becoming a political pawn for this administration.”

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