The Master Distractor

All this criticism of Trump is largely a waste of time, IMHO.  Further, there are more important things to work on.  People who are willing to look at facts already know that his administration is corrupt and incompetent, and that he lies and obstructs the Russia investigation. Further, in criticizing Trump you’re also criticizing the judgement of the people who voted for him, which doesn’t help enlist them to a better solution. The people we need to worry about are those who are not aware that there is a better governance solution.

Trump is a master at distraction and name-calling, but there’s an overlooked subtlety to what is happening: he’s distracting us from working on the Real Issues. Others here share my concern that there’s no cogent alternative platform from the Donkeys that would reach Trump voters. Some claim Trump supporters are not needed, “We’ll just out vote Them” – which ignores the gerrymandering stemming from state senates & assemblies in Red states. Conversion of voters in ALL states is needed to ensure a truly democratic election process, where the majority of voters’ opinions matter.  Thus, we submit that we DO need a platform that can be more inclusive – for all but the truly racist and elitist.

Such a platform will have to strike a Very Careful Balance on some Very Hot Button issues:
1. Immigration: how much, and whom?
2. Gun safety: what is enough, but not too threatening to hunters?
3. Jobs: What degree of protectionism until true “fair trade” is re-established? [Hint: China has not played fair; Canada has.]
4. Health care: how ’bout we have some?
Off the top of this morning’s head, every other issue is secondary, or likely to have sufficient wide support anyway (Freedom To Choose, and Gay Rights for example) – that those issues do not need to be in-your-face points of debate. If someone ethical and sane and electable can lead a platform on those 4 issues, that’s what we need. Give Trump voters and Independents An Alternative who is not an obvious lightening rod for Fox Propaganda (e.g. not a card-carrying Socialist – even if a socially-oriented democrat at heart) and we could get started on addressing the issues which are really facing the country and our descendants. If we could spend time formulating the Right Program, that would help move us forward a LOT. We already have enough evidence of Trump’s inadequacy, so let’s get to work on the solution.
Welcome your thoughts on this hot take…

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