The Truth Is Hiding In Plain Sight

It’s tough to see the truth through all the propaganda these days. A Federalist website page concluded “voters don’t really think the Trump Russia story is important at all”. And at first glance that seems to be true. It MAY even BE true. But that hides the larger truth staring us right in the face.  The Federalist based its conclusion on a Gallup poll that didn’t even ASK THE QUESTION. When you go to the source data from Gallup, you’ll see that the list of factors a respondent can choose is four dozen long, and the only choice which would possibly include: collusion/treason/Russian meddling/Information Warfare etc. is the ambiguously worded “Situation with Russia” (see bottom screen shot) – which could also include: sanctions, nerve gas, trade, Russia in Syria, Putin dominating Trump, LOTS of things. I’m betting if you asked about Treason / Obstruction as one of only 8 questions, you’d get a lot of votes, but we don’t know.
HOWEVER, if you look at the concerns the voters identified, several of them DO relate to Trump and the current administration: “poor leadership” “racism” “unifying the country”, etc. In fact, if you total those factors related to Leadership and Ethics, it’s over 41% of respondents – just fragmented across a variety of differently worded factors. So, if you’re a Democrat, you should worry that failure to have a solution for immigration could derail your candidates.  But, if you’re Republican you should worry that over 41% of people – almost double the number whose primary concern is immigration/illegal aliens – are concerned about Leadership and Ethics.  Also, if you’re Republican you can take comfort in strong support among your voters regarding immigration, but you should worry that not all the 22% who are most worried about it are on your side of the issue.


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