Wiretapping & Eavesdropping YOU

People are gradually realizing that any connected appliance can be hacked / ‘wiretapped’, although the wires are clearly no longer required.  What is not generally known is that techniques to do so went back into the 50’s (read more here), and as far back as the late 70’s, technology existed to listen in on regular phones that were HUNG UP.  An MIT based patent took advantage of ‘secondary emissions’ in the form of very low voltages generated by vibrations in the microphone of a Hung Up landline.  Any room in a house which had a phone could be eavesdropped on.  The technique was commonly used.   In fact, the NSA had all its phones equipped with a button which completely disconnected the microphone (not the earpiece/speaker) from their phones.  In order to talk and be heard, the user had to hold down the button to complete the circuit.  I know people who serviced and used these phones.

These days, people don’t seem to care, as the Meme shows.  I also know people who carry antennae with them on the road and who can hack into your home wireless network from their cars.  Unless you have taken special precautions, like taking the battery out of your cell phone and extra layers of wireless security, you can be eavesdropped on and/or hacked.  So you can worry, or you can ask for a recipe and/or directions…


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