Mission: To thrive, our society needs more than opinions, more than even facts and logic.  It requires AGREEMENT.  Our goal is to support evidence-based dialog on important issues facing our society, with the hope that collaboration yields understanding and agreement.  We welcome contributions from others, but reserve the right to exchange suggested edits before publication.  All may comment, respectfully.

Hot Takes are quick thoughts and current newsy items or opinions, principally from news media, with the lowest standard of editorial review on our part.  They must be topically relevant and inoffensive – except for satire and humor, which have been known to offend some.

Half-Baked Ideas are submissions contributed to the site, reviewed for basic grammar and accuracy, and posted for comment.  The research and logic in these posts may not be fully complete, or proven.  The scope of coverage of the topic may also be partial.  But these are responsible attempts to frame a debate or discussion.

Perspectives are submissions which have been completely researched and reviewed, and subjected to peer-reviewed comments here, and on other platforms where they may have appeared.  A Half-Baked Idea which survives review and completion becomes a Perspective.

Memes are the modern equivalent of political cartoons or graphic novels.  They may be humorous or contemplative.  They may contain statistics.  They may be fun.

Wisdom contains epigrams, sayings, homilies, and pithy expressions which have stood the test of time.

As we receive quality submissions, we will enlist more contributors to serve as editors, who will have update permissions on the site.  We welcome your comments and suggestions on all aspects of the site, and have been known to take a hint.


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