To add your voice to the discussion, you may:
  1. Comment on any of the posts.  Comments will be mildly curated for offensive language and/or commercial exploitation.
  2. Email the editor with a submission of text, memes, videos, and/or wisdom.  You will receive a reply regarding your post, which may propose minor edits, and announcement of a decision.  With your submission, please indicate what ‘byline’ you wish used for your post (e.g. a pseudonym, or your email address, etc.).  We are currently favoring sobriquets similar to those used around the Revolutionary War.
  3. Over time, if you have an interest in – and demonstrated aptitude for – ongoing submissions and content editing, and following some training, we may enlist you as an Editor and empower you with a user logon and email address in our domain.  We will place no restrictions on your point of view or content, subject only to editorial guidelines published on the site.

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